NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Three

So today it is 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. I absolutely adore Shakespeare and have done for a long while.

One of the first dates that the fiancée and I went on was to watch a live screening of Macbeth, directed by and staring Sir  Kenneth Branagh. It was utterly brilliant and the setting they used, a de-consecrated church, really added to the production. I also have the 2015 film version of Macbeath downstairs which I’ve been trying to make time to watch. I think today would probably be a good day for it.

For today’s NaPoWriMo prompt, we have been challenge to write a sonnet. An apt prompt in view of the significance of the day. I have tried writing a sonnet before and it’s not a form that I find very easy. As someone who doesn’t tend to use rhyme much I feel like too much of my focus goes on getting the structure right instead of the poem.

But, I have managed all of the other NaPoWriMo prompts and it is Shakespeare’s birthday. So, I’m going to set the poor man rolling in his grave, with my attempt at a Shakespearian sonnet.

Ten Past Midday – A Sonnet

The hallway clock just stuck ten past midday

yet here I lie still in sheets tossed and creased

wondering what words might have made you stay

and what other women sleeps with my beast.

In your pillow I can still see the shape

of your cheekbone resting against cotton,

eyelashes dark on skin and mouth agape

unaware I was to be forgotten.

Without the heat of you this air feels cold

and I am left reaching for ghosts to hold.

NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen

Taken By Shadows

This thing carved you out of yourself bit by bit,

shaking us from your mind like loose change

to spin and skitter away from the person we knew.

And when it crept up on us and we had to admit,

that perhaps you were acting somewhat strange,

but it was already too late to bring you back.

There was this stranger, this woman instead of you,

and somewhere behind us you’d slipped through the cracks.


A San-san for NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen and also for the Open Link night at the DVerse Poets Pub.

For those of you who haven’t seen the tag ‘sharetheorange’ on twitter, Christopher Eccleston has taken part in a video for Alzheimer’s UK to raise awareness of what the disease actually does to the people who suffer from it.

It’s not an easy topic to talk about, and as someone who has a family member with Alzheimer’s, talking about it reminds me of how hard I try to ignore the effects it has had on my family and I.

You can see my post about my Grandmother and the impact her illness had here. She is the person behind today’s poem but she is also the inspiration behind a lot of my determination in life. Before her illness she pushed me to be the best I could be.

I suppose in some ways, she is in all of my poetry.


Walls and Doors – Haibun

The first thing we taught each other, was how to close doors in the other one’s face. How to stack the bricks just so, mortar the cracks, keep the lines level. We built walls out of words. Pressed the letters into each other until the house buzzed with noise and it felt as though the walls were full of bees.

We learn the strings to pull. The chords that yanked out the anger, snapped the calmness. At night, when the neighbours slept we would hammer out brittle songs on instruments we’d forgotten how to tune.

One night I broke you. Left your pieces on the living room floor and watched you stare at the splinters I’d made of your hands, your face, your heart. When you reached for me, I couldn’t remember where I’d put the key to my door.

Once, I wore your clothes,

tried to make them fit my skin

better than my own.


When I started writing this piece, I fully intended it to be a work of fiction, but I think a little bit of reality worked its way in there.Thank you to Kansensakura and the wonderful dVerse Poets Pub for the prompt. If you haven’t heard of their fantastic Haibun poetry nights then you have to click the logo above and check out the rest of their amazing poets, writing amazing poetry.

Haiku August 2/8/2014 – 4/8/2014

Summoned by thunder

tear back the curtains, press close

the show will explodes.



Heat brings in the haze,

draws it from the horizon

until the sky cracks.



Inking in the days

to count up the ones left blank

and fill them up too.