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Harvest Haiku – August Haiku Challenge Day One

For once we are done. No more barely, oats or wheat left upon these fields. Once again I’m chattering on about farming, but for good reasons this time. We’ve finished harvesting before August! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a year when my family has achieved this. [We did have a lot less in the way of cereals this year which helped.] Anyway, for those of you who have hung in over the years you might remember last August when I tried and for the most part succeeded in writing a haiku each day of the month. Well I’m at it again guys! Apologies if you hate haikus. For those of you who love them feel free to join in! Prepare for the haiku tsunami!

NaPoWriMo Day Seven

I thought I’d go with a Pleiades for Day Seven. It’s a seven line, one stanza poem formed by Craig Tigerman. The first word of each line has to start with the same letter as the title.   Turncoat   Trueman was the trusted sort. Trusted till the noose crept round his neck. Turns out his sister weren’t no blood, tart had sweet-talked him for plans. Told all the secrets she’d pulled free to spies and official men. Trueman was the trusted sort. Now Trueman’s dead.