Those I Adore

The daily prompt isn’t something that I do very often, but the prompt today was a really sweet one so I thought I’d use it to go back to an old challenge I’ve haven’t looked at in a couple of months. A Word For Each Year You’ve Had! Set by the wonderful Eccentric Chai of course.


phone pic 230


Miss Jad Walters

I choose Lugia!

Common room costumes

and sports day cartoons.

Sixth form artist,

do you remember

Wonder Woman with shotgun.



Miss Connie Morgan

Hear Scotland roar.

Six nations?

What six nations?

2012 never took place.

Talk about something else,

perhaps the past.



Mr Darren Seymour

Chef, cook, filmmaker now?

At least your constant in location.

What would I do without you just down the road?

Upon The Fingers Of One Hand

You can count them on one hand,

those ones that mean the most

care the most

put up with the most.


You can gather acquaintance like confetti,

but there are always gaps between fingers

where people fall through

and when the wind sweeps by

it will leave you with empty palms.


Those ones who cling on,

who can be counted on one hand

are the ones who’ll scale mountains,

dig beneath oceans,

trek over desert

and parachute in over enemy territory.


All for the sake

of standing in the background

to push you forwards,

when the spotlight seems too bright.


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Music In The Toes

“My feet know more about music then you do!” he boasted one day at lunch. “My feet know good music when they hear it. They have taste!”

Sharma, who had know Majik for thirteen years, ignored her best friend and continued chewing her sandwich.

“They tingle!” Majik said. “When the music is good I get this tingle in my toes that tells me the music is good!”

Sharma swallowed and took another bite. Majik was always talking about tingly toes. Personally, she thought there was a good chance it was just athlete’s foot or some other skin condition that had gone untreated for too long.

“I could be a music agent.” said Majik. “I’d never pick a bad band because I would always be able to tell who was really good.”

Brushing off her hands, Sharma swallowed the last of her sandwich.

“You liked Milli Vanilli.” she reminded him.



For VisDare 25: Precarious


It sort of fits.