If We Were Having Coffee

So the garden is now coming out in full force. The rose bush has exploded with colour, the seedlings I planted a fortnight ago are sprouting left, right and centre, and we’ve just had two weeks of pretty decent weather. All in all it’s been beautiful.

I’m in a very good mood for this week’s Coffee Share. On Wednesday I sat my first exam for my AAT Accounting Technicians qualification and managed to pass with flying colours. I’ve done a little bit of redrafting, written some poetry, some flash fiction, and worked on some ideas for the blog. I’ve had a very productive week.

I think the favourite bit of writing that I’ve done so far this week was the Friday Free-write. It’s a mash up of prompts and an idea from a conversation that I was having with one of my colleagues at work. For anyone that has a herb garden, you will know that lemon balm [or any type of mint really] grows at a rapid rate. The little plant I bought has already tripled in size. It’s actually a little scary. This colleague and I were having a chat about it and it sparked the idea for a story: The Girl Across The Street.

As I said earlier, I’ve been redrafting Dawn Shadows a little this week as well. I’m hoping to spend some more time on it today. The first chapter has been done and at the moment I’m part way through Chapter Two which is becoming Chapter Three and Chapter Three will then become Chapter Two. The book still has a long way to go before it’s finished but I’m reminding myself to be patient.

I’m still trying to work out a schedule for this blog as well. Because I do so many prompt based posts I can’t pre-write a lot of the stuff that goes up on this site. I think I may have a ‘throw-back’ day once a week where I re-post an older piece of writing but I’m not sure what day that will be yet.

At the moment my blogging routine looks a bit like this: [It’s meant to at least…]

Monday – DVerse Poets [Haibun or Quadrille]

Tuesday – DVerse Poets [Poetics Night]

Wednesday – Friday Fictioneers

Thursday – DVerse Poets

Friday – Freewrite Friday

Saturday – Weekend Coffee Share

Sunday – […]

The problem I’ve got is finding the time to read other bloggers contributions to DVerse and Friday Fictioneers. I feel bad if I post something and don’t go and read other people’s.

I’ve also done most of these prompts for a while, and I’d like to find some new creative outlets to add to the schedule. It would also be nice to create some sort of monthly guest feature for other bloggers to contribute to Writing and Works.

So that will be my weekend. Tweaking the blog and working on a new plan for content while trying to redraft my novel. Not the most fun but it’s chucking it down outside and I don’t fancy gardening in the rain. I’ll try and bob by some other blogs as well. It’s been a while since I had a day just reading and not worrying about my own site. I need to get out and see what others are up to.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. How are things where you are? Is it raining or has the sun come out? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.


[P.S, the Weekend Coffee Share has moved! Check out it’s new home by clicking on the image above. It has a snazzy new website and everything!’

If We Were Having Coffee

Good morning fellow Weekend Coffee Sharers and Saturday morning blog readers. I missed last week’s link up due to the bank holiday mania that descended on the household and the lovely weather that goaded me outside into the garden.

Since we last spoke I have managed to get outside and start planting up some bits and bobs for a vegetable patch. The fiancée and I are in the middle of buying a house so everything has had to go in pots since I don’t want to leave anything behind, but I have the beginnings of a lovely little herb garden and the sunflowers and rocket are just starting to peep up. I’m a little late with planting but I’m hoping to get a fair amount off stuff to grow, but since it’s only the fiancée and I, we don’t need an awful amount and next year I’ll know to start planting sooner.

The garden itself looks pretty good. Alongside my own efforts and the fiancée’s weeding skills, we’ve got flowers IMG_1386coming out all over the place. The poppies have been a constant feature and we have this beautiful clematis on the fence which bloomed all the way through to September last year. Even the rose is just starting to come out. There are just two flowers out at the moment, the one in the photo and another almost buried in the foliage. It’s such a pretty pink colour and there’s buds all over the huge plant so in a couple of weeks it will look amazing. My own rose in the kitchen [mark II] is doing well. I’ve kept it alive for over a month which is impressive considering my record with house plants. Once the last of the flowers are gone I’ll plant it out in a bigger container in the garden where it can have a little more room to grow.

This week I also re-booted The Terrifying Life Of Henry Granger with the first part posted on Wednesday. Making Of Monsters is the first bit of the story and I’m debating doing it as weekly or fortnightly feature. I need to get back to updating Headquarters as well but I don’t want to spend too much time away from Dawn Shadows. I haven’t touched the redraft in days but I’m trying to not beat myself up about my slump in motivation and focus on other creative outlets instead.

I’m afraid there’s a little sad news this week as well. As on Tuesday, the koi that the
fiancée and I bought back in September have gone down from six to five. My favourite of them all, Monsieur, was discovered swimming round in circles on his side on Sunday and by Tuesday he was belly up. For those of you wondering, Monsieur is the one right at the back. He had two little spots of black on his face that looked like a moustache and I adored him.


[That pant-thing was terrible for turning the water green.]

But back to more positive news. I decided to take something of a step forward with this blog and switched it from a free blog to a premium plan. That means that you can now find me with just http://www.caroljforrester.com. Those using .wordpress.com will get automatically directed across, which is lucky because I still have a couple hundred business cards with that on them, but it now looks a bit more professional and a bit more mine.

Alongside upgrading the plan I’m trying to come up with some ideas of how to push this blog forward. It was started to host my creative writing and that is still the primary objective but I also want to cultivate an audience for Shadow Dawn. It is about promoting myself as a writer and exposing myself to new opportunities in the blogging and writing world. If I want to do that, then I need to get serious about sitting down and writing not only for my novel but for this blog as well. I need to learn to schedule posts and events and work towards targets.

Even if I would rather go and take a nap.

I’m going to try and get disciplined with #freewritefridays and find a few other weekly events to join in with. Yesterday’s free write Balanced On A Blade’s Edge went up last night and I’m trying to work out if it’s just the longer length or something else that means that my prose doesn’t get as many views as my poetry. It doesn’t really matter but the flash fiction pieces do taken much longer to write and it would be nice to have similar traffic to the poetry for them.

That’s all I have to say this weekend. How have the rest of you been? What’s going on with your own blogging experiences and do you have any tips for keeping the green things in my garden alive? Let me know in the comments section below and all the best for the week to come.

Enjoy your coffee.


NaPoWriMo Day Nineteen

Not So Green Fingers

One. Remember the rose plant you bought two weeks ago

Two. Pray

to something you only half believe in,

that it’s still alive.

Three. Quickly brush away the dead leaves,

crunchy and browning in a circle,

and after, fill the bin with odds and sods,

to hide your failure at tending a living thing.

Four. Water it!

But remember, too much and it will die

somewhat more than it already has.

Five. Let it sit,

then dispose of any remaining water,

still staining the saucer,

culled from the kitchen cupboard because

you don’t own any pretty plant pots.

Six. Buy a plant pot,

because the saucer doesn’t fit on the windowsill,

and sunlight would probably be a good thing

seeing as photosynthesis,

is pretty important for these plant types.

Seven. Pray and hope a little more.

Who knows?

Green fingers might be something you grown into.