Megaera – #NaPoWriMo #EarlyBirdPrompt

They name me

jealous one.

Plait snake through my hair,

till it rises about my shoulders

a mane of venom.


Perhaps this is true enough.


They say I crush men,

the ones who come to me

through their own will

and actions.

Lay the cruelty of betrayal

at my feet.


I am not my sisters,

blood avenger, unceasing

in pursuit.

I am an emotion painted

upon every action

I set forth.


I am furious and bright,

burning beyond recognition

till they shield their eyes

and call me ugly.


I am a woman of power.


napo2019button1 (1).png

I’m so excited that it’s NaPoWriMo again and I get to drive in with the Early Bird Prompt. For anyone who doesn’t know what NaPoWriMo is, it’s an annual poetry challenge that takes place over April. The idea is to write a poem a day for all of April, resulting in 30 poems in total. (31 if you include the Early Bird Prompt). The NaPoWriMo site provides prompts if you want to use them but the main idea is to just sit down and write every day, in very much the same way as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

If you’re interested then click the badge above to check out the website and then crack open those pens and pads. There is poetry waiting to be written.