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Where The Water Breaks #DVersePoets #TuesdayPoetics

There’s a sheen to the water, a swirl of slick, slurp, sludge squirming up the beach surfing old tidal rips to suck down feathered flurries, their bone stuck wings submerged to make stones with panicked beady eyes, staring up at a surface mirroring startled starlings swooping in a grey choked sky and a small child with a face still plump young, trying to break the glass with one fat finger, all the while calling for his mother to come and look.  


I imagined that she was some great coastal cliff. Stone strong for thousands of years, but now the sea has managed to find a way between the cracks and it’s taking her apart in chunks. It doesn’t sound like a landslide though. She doesn’t shriek and splinter as pieces of her sheer away from herself. There’s only silence as another memory, another name, another face, slips beneath the waves and into darkness where it can’t be reached. There are still pieces of her left. Like fossils, preserved inside the depths of the cliff face. On days where it seems like everything has crumbled, they can find a way to the light. The willow withered its roots turned to dust and ash but it kindles still.  

Giggle Fit : End Of Week One – Staying Motivated

I’m starting to remember why I’ve never achieved any sort of peak of physical fitness. This exercise malarkey is hard! Instead of looking like the beautiful, graceful people in the stock photos, I’m red faced and falling over in my living room. I swear that I used to be able to stand on one leg easy. These days, well let’s just say that my head and the mantelpiece almost made an acquaintance that I’m very glad they avoided. Yes, that’s me in the photo, looking like all the blood has decided that my face, my entire face, is the place to hang out these In my defence, tonight was the first night I’ve been back to the gym since October and I managed to run 5k in 37:38. There may have been some patched were I was walking, and my feet now look like a treasure trail of blisters, but this is one of the fastest times that I’ve done 5k in. The fact that I took my inhaler before going to the gym meant that I …

Giggle Fit: Work Outs That Work For Me – Health & Fitness

Every new year, and most days in-between, I make myself a promise that I’m going to head back to the gym, make the most of that membership that I’m paying for every month, and get myself in shape! However, I’m a relatively lazy person when it comes to fitness and while my good intentions may see me through a week or two of regular work outs, before long I’m be back on my settee, making excuses for not leaving the house. I’m simply not very good at sticking to a fitness routine. I much prefer writing and reading, to squats and running, so chances are I’ll pick my office over the gym most days of the week. But that isn’t doing me any favours. Health-wise, 2016 was a year of discover. I already knew that lack of physical activity was causing problems with my knees. After giving up ballet in year six I had failed to replace it with a similar hobby and I went for being as fit as a fiddle, to in my …

Share The Orange

This is not a post I have wanted to write. I have tried before and failed after the first few lines. It’s not my normal style but it’s for an important cause and one very close to my heart. My Great-Grandmother lived until she was a hundred. Over the last ten years of her life we saw a gradual decline in her capabilities and her memory until at last she slipped away peacefully with her daughter holding her hand, at home, in her own bed. This was the first time I saw dementia in any form. I got frustrated by her inability to hold a conversation, by the same question repeated every five minutes and by the way she called us mean when we raised our voices so she could hear us better. As well as the dementia she was also very deaf, so talking to her became a never ending loop of ‘So what news do you have for me?’ ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ ‘Where’s the other one?’ She never lost her wit …

Look! Feet!

This lovely pair of size three [sometimes four depending on the shoe] carried me to 10k the other week at Tatton Park! That’s right, I managed to complete my race for life and even raised a little bit of money as I did it. Yay me! For those of you wondering what on earth has happened to me over the last few weeks I’ll be posting a little later on to tell you why I seemed to drop off the face of the planet. Trust me. The excuses are many. [Apologies for the quality of the photo. My phone isn’t great for taking snaps.]

Everything In Its Own Time

She kept thinking about that infection she’d had a few months back, the one that had sent her sprinting to the bathroom every few minutes because the urge to pee just wouldn’t go away. It took two rounds of antibiotics and a small molehill of cranberry capsules before she kicked that little health snafu but now she could almost wish she hadn’t. Bathrooms are cold in December. She hadn’t bothered switching on the heating with the living room log burner turning her home into a hothouse. If she didn’t have the touch of death for potted plants she might almost considered growing topical flowers in the kitchen, add a bit of colour to the magnolia paint she was too nervous to change. But knowing her she would probably buy the one exotic plant that would kill her, dramatically and painfully. Under no circumstances was she going to let her obituary read mauled to death by triffids. She twitched her knees and tried to shift her butt into a more comfortable position. Perhaps she was dehydrated? …

November, Novels and Physio

I’m starting a month of routines. I need to write at least 1600 words each day to finish Nanowrimo and complete my novel The Lady Winters, I need to complete a series of exercises each evening to increase the strength in my legs since currently there is none, and I really need to get back to learning French and Latin. On the Physio side I at least know now why I get pain in my knees on a fairly regular basis. My knee cap is not sitting where it should be and the lack of muscle in my thighs isn’t helping matter. So it’s bum, tum and thigh work out for me on a daily basis. Fun, fun. (I am not a sport enthusiast. I like indoors. You don’t get rain.) Anyway, on the writing front which is probably the bit you lot are interest in, it is November again which means Nanowrimo! Genuine whoo! (I am a writing enthusiast. I blooming love it!) As I have mentioned in a previous post, this year I’m …