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Working Out The Kinks

She wasn’t supposed to save him, she was supposed to strike the final blow and end his suffering. That was the task dealt to her by the Valkyries and that was the task she had every intention of carrying out. Until she saw his face. Unmarried and without family, Eveline’s mother was labelled a whore when the village learnt of the pregnancy. Considered witches by many, Eveline and her mother keep to their woodland cottage, selling tinctures and salves to those who dare to venture close enough. That is until the autumn of 1066 when William, Duke of Normandy lands of English shores to take the Crown. When Eveline sleeps she sees the battle to come. She knows that the English King will fall and the Norman army will march on towards London where William will take his throne. The death of another King is not what wakes her screaming though. The remains of the Battle of Hastings will bring about Eveline’s greatest folly, a folly that she will spend lifetimes trying to fix.   …

Main Character… not so much

It must have been around three years ago that I started writing ‘The Terrifying Life Of Henry Granger’ and since then I’ve noticed a few things about the story. Things such as Henry Granger not actually playing much of a role in the story. Really he is rather useless. Most of the time he was either unconscious of trapped in a mirror, so why was I even keeping him around? Oh yes, if I got rid of him then I would have to change the title of the book and I suck a titles.

Firsts Drafts and Plot-lines

I’m hoping to have the first draft of one of my novels completed by the end of January. I have about 25,000 words but I’ve been working on it for about a year and a half so I really feel that a complete first draft is over-due. The plotline for this piece has not fluctuated as much as with other projects I have taken on, and I feel pretty confident about completing this. So for those of you who enjoy my writing, here is a preview of the prologue and the first chapter and I would love to hear back on what you have to say.   Prologue   This is not a single story. In fact, most stories are rarely single stories, but more a muddle of broken tales patched together in the image of a singularity. This story is more broken than most. This story is the witch who dies only to live, the lord whose manor was at the heart of it all and a husband bound to the will of another. …