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End Of The Garden #DVersePoets

There are no apples left for picking, only leaves caught up in the sunlight and a slow breeze passing through. Back between my molars sticks a pip that my tongue cannot pry loose no matter the shapes it twists, the times it risks my bite. A sparrow in the branches sings, tells me there are more trees, more apples, but they are behind walls, and gates, and men with bright black guns. They tell people which trees are good, which ones are bad. It doesn’t matter about the apples so much, it’s more about the hands.

Learning: Scrambling Through Life One Day At A Time

Have you heard the phrase ‘you learn something new everyday’? I’m willing to bet that you have and in all likelihood, you’ve used it a few times yourself. Life is all about learning, even if you’re not academic, you are still learning something every day, no matter what you get up to. It could be a skill, a new word, an aspect of yourself, or the way in which something works around you. Learning is important and there isn’t an end to it. I started learning to blog over five years ago. [I think – wordpress tends to remind me when another long, dusty year has somehow developed super-speed and whizzed past.] Over that time I have learnt quite a few things: How to blog. [Maybe – you can be the judge of that.] How to deal with critics [I made improvements alright! We’re not all perfect.] How to face obstacles and overcome them without going under. What will happen in my novel Shadow Dawns [Another maybe.] How to be a better writer. What it …