Poems Of Power – A Poetry Link-Up

Last Monday I threw out the idea for a weekly poetry link-up where you write a poem based on a line from another blogger’s work. I can’t speak for everyone, but I often find inspiration in some of the fantastic pieces here on WordPress and I know we have all probably had that moment where you read something and find yourself thinking ‘I really wish I was the one who’d written that.’

So once again I’m inviting you to go onto your reader, hunt through the poetry tag, and find a line that sparks inspiration in you. Make sure to credit the original writer in your post and revel in the wonder that is the fantastic mass of poetry at our fingertips.

For me this week, it’s the following line that’s caught my eye.

Viaducts were built by the conquerors

Auf Wiedersehen by cirque de la nuit

Please make sure to check out the poem it came from in full, it’s a fantastic piece that I fell in love with immediately. The poem just seems to simmer with power when you read it.

If you want to join in then the linky-took is below the quote. Have fun writing.



Stones Throw

The farmers came with calloused hands in need of stone,

to build their boundaries and their hearth walls

among the lands that lost the names we’d forged,

regardless of the laws we’d written,

the last of which were echos in the marsh reeds

our ghosts waving at the workers about their tasks,

backs bent beneath another master lash.

And all in all the stones were taken,

chipped, chiseled, smashed and broken,

and we lay quiet in the waters of the empty marshes

so far from the glories we had dreamed to see,

so distant from the homes we’d wish to see

when reality caught up upon our dreams like grey mist

and it all burnt away on a sunrise

without even a stone to mark where we had been.


I’ve Broken My Own Writing Rules. Again! #WeekendCoffeeShare

It’s Sunday morning afternoon, and I’m trying to keep a close eye on the weather outside because we’re meant to be having an afternoon of rain and there’s washing on the line. Actually, we’re meant to be having an entire August of rain here in the UK. According to the Independent (I only read the headline), this last week’s saturation of sudden, miserable downpours, is here to stay for the entire thirty-one days. I only mention this because writing this post might get interrupted by me blitzing outside like a made woman to yank in the majority of my wardrobe before it gets soaked.

Besides the weather turning against me this week, things have been going surprisingly well. I started a new job on the 17th August and it feels like I settling in okay, my writing has been on the upturn, and things around the house seem to be on an even keel. There’s just one thing bugging me, and that’s the fact I’m breaking my own rule when it comes to writing. I’ve been tweaking the novel.

Chapter Twenty-Four has been on my to-do list for the past four months and over the weekend I’ve only managed to get the first six hundred words written. The problem is that I keep wanting to redraft it. Those six hundred words are the third attempt at writing that chapter and I try to avoid doing that. If I’m drafting I want to get the whole draft completed before I go back and start tweaking things, otherwise I end up spending too much time dotting ‘i’s and cross ‘t’s. I get disheartened and I don’t finish the chapter. I don’t even know if this version is any better than the others and I’ve stalled again at the six-hundred word mark. This afternoon’s challenge will be to go back and try to get that chapter finished and filed away. If I can do that then I can get on with writing the rest of the book and worry about editing when it comes to it further down the line.

Blog wise, this week has been pretty successful and I’m really happy with the posts that I’ve been putting out. My poem Drawstrings keeps gathering views and it’s lovely to see so many people taking the time to comment. It’s quite a personal poem and it tackles anxiety so there’s always a bit of apprehension for putting up pieces like that, but I think it’s probably one of the best poems that I’ve written.

I’m also trying to set up a weekly writing prompt. On Friday I launched The Friday Fiction Linkup. The challenge for the first week is to take the opening of a story and carry it on in a post on your own blog. If you don’t want to write the full piece then you can comment a paragraph that carries the story on in the comments section below and leave it up to someone else to add the next bit. There don’t seem to have been any takers yet but I’m hoping we’ll get a few people having a go as we get closer to the deadline next Friday.

As well as poems and new link ups, I’ve tried my hand at putting together a post containing seven things I’ve learned in seven years of blogging. Why Am I Even Doing This? – Tips From Seven Years Of Blogging went up last night and stemmed from my own ponderings about whether or not I’ve actually managed to progress or learn anything since I started this blog. I’ve had some lovely comments on it and it would seem that some people have even found my seven tips somewhat useful.

Aside from blogging this week has been one for relaxing and going back to old joys. The pond in the garden is slowly taking shape. The rain is keeping all the plants in the garden lovely and green, and I’ve managed to fill my free time with books and writing rather than housework. I watched Neil Gaiman and Steven Fry’s talk from Hay Festival on Youtube last night and inspired by Chris Riddle’s live drawing even cracked out the paper and pencils to try my hand at a few doodles. Maybe not my best works but I enjoyed drawing them which was something.

Anyway, that’s enough about my week. The Weekend Coffee Share is about the conversation, so how are you all? Anything new going on or is it same old same old? Let me know in the comments below, you know I always love to hear from you. Have you perhaps kicked off something new on your blog? Are you going back to old favourites as well? Did you write something this week that you’re really proud of and want to share with the whole world? Whatever it is, feel free to tell me about it or even leave a link.

Until next week, all the best!





If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, well I suppose I’d have to apologise for being late this week. I know it’s a weekend coffee share and I can show up when I want, but I’m also British and feel the need to apologise in most situations, but anyway.

JY874BSKKCThis week I have finally got back to my studies and cracked open the books to get on with the next chunk of my AAT Accounting qualification. We’re already in the eighth month of the year and I want to have it tidied away come Christmas so I need to get going if I’m going to meet that deadline. I’ve finished the manual book-keeping section and moved onto the computerised bit so now I just need to keep up the momentum and get this module finished by the end of the month.

In more creative news, this weekend has been a fairly good one for writing. I got a little more of Darkened Daughter Shadow Dawn redrafted. [I’ve actually forgotten if I decided on Dawn Shadows or Shadow Dawn for the title, just roll with it.] It’s still idling between the 65,000 and 70,000 word mark but this weekend has opened up some new ideas for me to explore to kick start the writing bug so I’m feeling positive. [Somewhat positive, let’s not get too carried away after all.]

Continuing on that writing theme, I’ve managed to have a weekend of short stories. I redrafted a piece from four years ago called ‘Dirt Beneath The Cobbles‘ which had a total of 17 views for its time on Writing and Works. Originally I re-blogged the story, but then I realised that meant you had to click onto the original post to read the whole thing so I decided to put it up fresh and it didn’t appear many people were going through to the old post.

On top of the re-drafting I have also managed to write two new shorter pieces, both of which could be developed on later. The longer of the two I’ve held back for now as I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but ‘Paintings And Promises‘ can be found on the site. They were both written for Daily Post prompts but the first one turned out so well that I wanted to have a think about it’s future. I can’t write it up properly just yet so it will have to wait until I’ve finished with Shadow Dawn, but it might make a good project to work on at some point.

With the novel and my AAT qualification moving forwards I’m really starting to think about how to grow this blog. There appears to be a steady stream of new followers but I’m aware that by dropping off the map for a month or two at a time I’ve not helped things much. I need to remember to carve out time for my writing here and the people who take the time to come and read it and comment.

I’m afraid that’s pretty much all my week entailed this time around. I hope the rest of you have been enjoying the first week of August and I’d love to hear how things are with you in the comments below. If you’ve got the time perhaps check out some of my stories and they are my absolute passion and the whole reason for this blog. Until next week, cheers!