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Beyond The Veil

Already the veil has been tucked away as a memory, beneath the cards we couldn’t fit on the mantelpiece and the notes received once the invites were posted. Still, the leftover cheesecake is still fresh in the fridge and sausage rolls on a platter still sit on the table at my mother’s, ripe for plucking in pass-by swipes of the dining room. The band is the only sign that anything is changed. That you are no longer my fiancee, but now my husband, promised in paper and witness to love and honour till death do us part. Our world falls quiet in the sleepy aftermath and we are able to return to us as we were, as we wish to be… Wedding season blooms gypsophila and roses sudden, sweet, fleeting. Things have been a little chaotic over the past couple of weeks in my household so I’ve not been as active as I would like with the DVerse prompts. I feel I have a good excuse though. On Saturday my fiancee and I tied the …

The Wait

You were late. Kept the rest of us waiting; hands bearing down on pocket linings as we hunted for the warmth of previous hours before the storm. “He will be here.” she said, your wife of three months. We did not comment on the press of curves against the clarity of damp cotton; only offered her jackets which she refused with the comment: “They are not his.” We stood ankle deep in leaves, eyes towards the bank where track met road and carriages might run. We heard the horses first; they did not like the thunder. I wonder if you screamed as well? (Prompt: “The air was expectant…”)

Safe Bet

We were the safe bet The if I wasn’t married by thirty bet But fear kicked in sooner than that The panic gripped me sooner than that And by twenty three we were wed To ‘love and cherish’ and ‘I do’ was said Spoke false vows and tied the knot Pretending this was something it was not   Can you blame me for straying? After the hoping and praying The wondering of what if Asking was this all there is?   You were the safe bet The if I wasn’t married by thirty bet   But I grew bored of just friendship…   He was all edges and corners No niceness or warnings And I burnt beneath touches Was painted again by his brushes Became a masterpiece not a sketch Something more than sinew and flesh As he carved open my chest And found the heart that was left…   You were the safe bet The if I wasn’t married by thirty bet We were never in love really Never really saw more in me …