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Out In The Garden – #DVersePoets #MondayHaibun

The peas have podded. I’m not sure if it’s the snap, or your bog standard, good old trusty garden type, but they’ve podded first with the white petals of the flowers still stuck to the green of their shells. Inside the crop is still too small, too young. I checked today. Popped my nail into the seam, slit through the flesh, cracked it open. New growth, old book. They both sound the same. They are not ready for harvest, but when you bite down they explode. They taste like spring, or summer, or something else that’s hot days and sudden rain storms. They tasted like they should do. New and fresh. It’s been a wet one, this spring, this downpour of water thickening the green.

A Garden Variety Hurt

I looked up what ivy was supposed to represent, after we called the man with the poison to clear the wooden fence panel right to the root. This creeping plant, that works its way between the cracks, and closes its fist so slowly, so quietly, that you cannot see the brickwork break, it’s supposed to represent friendship. I thought about you then, how I’d failed to see how deep you’d planted yourself until the moment that you cracked me clean in half. Like ivy, you keep coming back no matter the cold or the drought, there is no prying those tendrils loose, no poison that will make this shadow of you wither. I must live with the damage you have caused. I must somehow learn how not to crumble.  

Valley Bound

I could sleep here, belly warm against the stone arms splayed, wings, bent at the elbows, reaching perhaps to hold but for now still, warm, cheek pressed to rock sun baked, lazy, stubbornly forgotten long ago when this place was ice long from melting. Since there is no Quadrille night this Monday over at DVersePoets I thought I’d write one inspired by my recent trip to Snowdonia National Park. The views were utterly stunning and it really does feel like you’re escaping the modern world. A Quadrille is a poem written in exactly 44 words. The DVerse Poets Pub runs a fortnightly Quadrille prompt for those who fancy having a go in the company of some wonderful fellow blogger/poets. 


When swallows gather in groups it’s called a mummeration. As one they ripple in waves turning the sky to ocean their tiny dark bodies pointillism. Fleck of black on blue morphing into a single rush of soaring bodies scooping themselves into glorious arcs and spirals. When they are gone the sky is empty and alone. Clouds litter like styrofoam cups abandoned when the crowds leaves to stumble home. All is left is the wait for seasons to change. Daily Prompt: Congregate  

Slow, Summer Days

Some days are made for ambling. Those slow, soft, warm days, when the breeze only stirs lazily and the sun slouches across the sky, scuttled with wispy mares’ tails, too relaxed to do much of anything. Those days are the best for long walks through country lanes with arching oaks, and dappled woodlands with root woven soils to leave your shoes scuffed your knees mud streaked and your hands stained by bark. Those days should take you places, those nowhere in particular places, before finding yourself closer to home than you would have ever thought. Daily Prompt: Amble I’ve been for a couple of walks this year with the other half. I want to see if we can visit Grinshill Hill this month but the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to let up much for a few weeks. I’ve been up it a few times as a child but not in the last five or six years, perhaps longer. Tell me, what are the places you like to go on those lovely not-too-hot, just …

Caught In The River

My words were flotsam swirling along with your rip-tide, tumbling beneath the weight of you, over and under until the sky flipped and all was grey and cold. They found me in pieces, shattered like fallen ice. Shards melting into the bank, cold and wasted, still creeping back to you. Written For The Daily Prompt: Float

When Spring Announces Its Arrival

Unlike Autumn, Spring sneaks in all quiet like. Without the rumble and howling, the shuddering treetops and whirlwinds of copper confetti. You don’t really notice the green arriving until it’s clinging to every tree every blade of grass, and even the land is singing. Quadrilles have to be one of my favourite poets forms at the moment, they’re just so much fun to write. If you want to join in just click the link above and check out the wonder that is the dVerse Poets Pub. All you have to do for tonight’s challenge is write a poem of exactly 44 words and use ‘green’ somewhere in it. Make sure to check out the other poets taking part and let them know you’ve dropped by their posts.