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Doodle Wednesday

Since the launch of my poetry collection I’ve been struggling to write much in the way of poetry, so I’ve picked up my sketch pad and pencils instead. The image above was actually from a poem idea that I’ve been swirling around for a few days. The hand is my own, and I used a photo of my hand holding an empty wine glass as well as the very usefully close by real thing (my hand that is) to reference where the fingers bent and how the palm creased in this position. I spent about two and half hours playing around before I decided that this was probably as good as it would get for now. Unlike in the past, I decided not to worry about erasing mistakes as soon as I made them. I misjudged the scale of the glass to start with and had to make it larger a couple of times, and adjust how the fingers were positioned. I left all the original lines in until I was confident that I’d got …

Giggle Fit: Work Outs That Work For Me – Health & Fitness

Every new year, and most days in-between, I make myself a promise that I’m going to head back to the gym, make the most of that membership that I’m paying for every month, and get myself in shape! However, I’m a relatively lazy person when it comes to fitness and while my good intentions may see me through a week or two of regular work outs, before long I’m be back on my settee, making excuses for not leaving the house. I’m simply not very good at sticking to a fitness routine. I much prefer writing and reading, to squats and running, so chances are I’ll pick my office over the gym most days of the week. But that isn’t doing me any favours. Health-wise, 2016 was a year of discover. I already knew that lack of physical activity was causing problems with my knees. After giving up ballet in year six I had failed to replace it with a similar hobby and I went for being as fit as a fiddle, to in my …

Carrying On, Not Starting Over

I have turned over leaves again and again until all I had left were twisted, splitting stems, and the resolves I was spouting were the same just recycled, and the hopes I was clutching were dim and uninviting.   Now I am taking the time, to untangle myself. To find the answers in stories already spent.   There is no starting over, no beginning again.       I am me and I am I, I do not wish to be anyone else.   Daily Post: Renewal

New Year

I thought I’d see in the new year with a couple of Tanka and a few Haikus: Haikus 1. These years pass quicker than the ones I remember dimmed in memory. 2. I resolve to write more, better, with passion just like every year. 3. I have failed some goals yet exceeded in some ways my expectations. 4. Approaching New Year… I’ve high hopes for you and me, not resolutions. Tankas 1. Here, it is raining heavy against the window. Close your eyes, listen. This sound does not change with time, this year, last and next… constant. 2. This year brought changes, graduation, moving out, engagement and mortgage plans. This year I have dived straight in. You, have kept me on my feet.

New Year And Another Attempt At The Better Me

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who sees New Year Resolutions as just another pointless attempt towards trying to motivate one’s self in the right direction. Those of us that make the grandiose decisions such as “I will get thin/fit/on a human and socially acceptable sleep cycle” tend to fall not to far after the first hurdle. However, I’m going to break the streak of the past few years and set myself some challenges (we shall not use the phrase resolutions) and at the end of each month I’m going to look back and see if I’ve managed to achieve any of these goals. If I haven’t then it isn’t failure, I just have to adjust my targets for the following month and start again. So for January 2015 I am going to: – Complete both my third year essays and hand then in. (Since the deadlines are in January this is something of a no arguments challenge. If I don’t I’m somewhat screwed in terms of a degree.) – Write the first …