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When The Histories Speak Of Revolt

Misfortune comes in sets of threes, but recently I’ve lost count of the omens darkening these skies.   Understanding is important, but so is justice, and memory to carry change past the span of sympathetic anger.   All power in this world is man-made, the bricks still sticky with greased fingerprints. We were supposed to know better.

The Day The News Made My Blood Boil

Stating The… Some things should be obvious. For example, you can’t fight hatred with hatred, and prejudice creates rifts where we should be building bridges. Loss is loss, no matter the who, no matter the faith. Instead of telling her to take off her clothes, instead of ┬átelling her to cover up her skin, realise that she is human just like you are, just like I am. And I was rather sit next to her, wearing whatever she decides to wear, than associate with someone who allows fear, to make monsters out of men while the monsters lurk somewhere else and you decide her faith is worth less than bigotry. Daily Post: Obvious I wasn’t going to write anything for this daily post prompt today but then I kept seeing news articles about the current debate over the ‘burkini’. I don’t think there should even be a debate. We should be ashamed of ourselves if we even consider singling people out because of this. I can walk around on the beach in a bikini so …