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Doodle Wednesday

One of my challenges for 2016 was to improve my drawing skills and specifically to improve at drawing people. I’ve decided therefore, that Wednesday shall be the day that I show off all [if any] of the drawing and doodles that I’ve completed during the week. So for today, the first doodle Wednesday, I present today’s attempt at drawing people. I also did a few doodles this week, a hand from the cover of Skulduggery Pleasant Mortal Coil and a rose since it was apparently national rose day the other day. I’m happier with the hand more than the rose since faces and hands are the two things I struggle to draw most.

History Fandom

I have always been a fan of history, right from when I was a small child. For those of you who read my posts regularly you’ll have noticed already the I have something of an obsession for the old and the half-forgotten. For this post I decided to combine my love of history with my love of scribbling. I don’t claim to have any great talent for drawing, but I do find it relaxing and really good fun. The first of the doodles above is taken from a 1337 French illustration. I’m assuming that it’s Philip VI of France but that might be wrong.  The original image doesn’t name the character but Philip VI fits with the time and provenance of the artwork. The original illustration depicts St Eligius pinching the devil’s nose, a story from the First Crusade. Image number two is a doodle of a Norman helmet. It’s a little more ornate that the traditional image of a Norman helmet but I quite liked the extra challenge the detail added to the piece …

Doodling Again

For some reason hands and eyes are the hardest bits for me to draw when drawing people. I’m okayish when doing simpler drawings like the first one in this slideshow, but get to drawings where there is an actual face involved, or better yet, an angled face, I’m screwed. Have you noticed that the woman’s hand is hidden? You do not want to know how many times I had to redraw this image before I managed to get the eyes mostly in line. I’ve also found that upon cropping, disproportionate features look even more so! Anyway, the only way to get around this is for me to keep practising, which is what I’m doing. So I’ll keep drawing and writing and screaming at wonky eyes and writers block because apparently that is what happens to people when they decide to take a creative route as a serious option for what they want to do with their lives. Let me know that I’m not alone. Tell me about your creative tantrums below. Go on! Vent!

Daughter of the Fey

Here is a pencil outline that I managed to pull together today. I’m going to try and colour it in with pastels but I thought I’d put this first attempt up for you all to see. I haven’t drawn in ages so I apologies for the quality, I never claim to be someone who can draw, I’m a writer primarily but I do enjoy art.