If We Were Having Coffee

Do you like the photo? I’m not much of a photographer but I tided the whole kitchen just so I could take this photo with no clutter in the background. It’s not a big kitchen so tidying perhaps wasn’t the biggest chore, but I’m still quite chuffed with how the photo came out.

The only downside is that despite my renewed efforts to start drinking green tea, I still hate the stuff.

This week, once again, has been a pretty busy week. It’s not been as productive as I would have liked but I suppose the week isn’t over yet and I can pull more than a few positives from what I’ve achieved so far.

Monday through to Friday has seen the first five of my guest posters make an appearance here at Writing and Works. They’ve been chatting about why poetry is important to them, who inspires them and how they started writing poetry in the first place. I’m hoping to run this daily feature until the end of the month since April is NaPoWriMo and it seems an apt event. There are a lot of spaces in these last two weeks still to fill however, so if you are a poet, or perhaps you know one, I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in joining the fun.

I managed to get some drawing done this week. Nothing spectacular but better than not drawing at all.

Unfortunately I’ve not done much writing besides poetry this week. I managed to write a short chapter for the novel, nothing fancy and not one I’m very happy with, but it’s progress. As you have probably gathered, poetry has taken up most of my free time recently. I had a poem featured over at Eyes Plus Words and Mukthi Raja invited me to guest post on her site Songs of the Forlorn.  I’m also working on a poem for my work’s monthly newsletter and a piece of flash fiction for a writing competition. I also took some time to write a piece for the hash-tag #sharetheorange. It’s a campaign for Alzheimer’s UK to help spread awareness of what dementia actually does to the brain. This is a cause very close to my own heart and if you haven’t seen the video I would urge you to watch it. It’s not a guilt trip or anything like that, it just makes the mechanics of dementia a little clearer.

All in all my writing time has been pretty hectic this week. I’ve managed to keep up with a poem a day for NaPoWriMo and I’ve also collected all my poems from the last three years and printed them out in a single document ready for some serious critiquing in the hopes of pulling up the standard of my work.

Last night I managed to go out and enjoy another night of poetry. I know, two events in two weeks. Normally I’m lucky to get to one every three months.

This time I went to see Jim Clarkson reading from his new book ‘Talking Crow’. He’s a local poet and had the opportunity to publish a collection of his work after winning the Poetry Slam final in May 2015.

He spoke about the importance of re-writing work and how after each rejection he’d go back over the poem to improve it before sending it out again.This is why I’ve pulled out all my old poetry. I’ve not been having much luck with competitions so clearly there is quite a bit of room for improvement and as I’m supposed to be reading in Shrewsbury in July, I want a strong set to go on with.

Who knows, I might even end up with something publishable.

For all of you who commented about the fish last week, Danny, Thelma and Louise are doing well. Still swimming round their tanks and seemingly very happy with the arrangements. The fiancée and I have come to the discovery that we’ve run out of plug sockets and space for any more tanks so we’ll have to wait until we move house again before adding any more fish to the collection.

Right, that’s about all the news I have this week. I’m looking forward to reading the fellow Saturday Coffee Blogs Shares once I’ve got some more writing out of the way. Hope you all had a lovely week.


Cup Of Tea Anyone?

photo 1

Determined not to be beaten by the power cuts here in Shropshire my mother decided that she could boil water on top of our little log burner in the sitting room. After about three hours of playing cards by candlelight the water was just about hot enough to make a cuppa.

photo 2 (1)

Not the best tasting tea apparently, but it was something.

Swan Song

When the river froze we would go skating until the thaws came and the river swelled up the banks towards our mother’s garden. You told me that the ice sang when it broke. You told me there was swan song in warmer weather because no matter the beauty of daffodils, of snow drops, of crocus, something was always lost in Winter’s melt. When you learnt how paint moves across canvas and how light falls though lenses I watched you chase though snow and mud to capture every note that crept from the country-side around our home. It was in your work I heard the music.