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Attempting To Draw – Again

Headquarters relaunches at the end of October so I thought it might be a good idea if I got my pens and pencil out and had a go at drawing my characters for myself. This means that I actually have to learn how to draw original figures properly. So I did what I always do and I bought a book and what you can see below is my attempt to follow their instructions on how to actually draw the human body in certain positions. I changed the hair and the clothing to try and make the figure look more like on of my characters and I went off course in a few places because I couldn’t do it the way it was shown on the page. Now if I can just get the hand of this tablet thing I might even be able to add some glossy colour to these drawings. I’ll let you know if I manage it. So far now here is the pencil design and the pen outline.

Daughter of the Fey

Here is a pencil outline that I managed to pull together today. I’m going to try and colour it in with pastels but I thought I’d put this first attempt up for you all to see. I haven’t drawn in ages so I apologies for the quality, I never claim to be someone who can draw, I’m a writer primarily but I do enjoy art.