A Word For Each Year You’ve Had

This week Eccentric Chai set a fantastic writing challenge. Think of someone you know, take their age and use it as a word limit for a piece of writing about them. I’ve written a couple so far but I think I may have a go at writing a few more since I really am enjoying this prompt.


We do insanity well.

Eccentricity is an art-form

we long since mastered

and balanced out

against each other’s minds.



I’m waiting

for a fragment of me

to stick in your throat

and choke us.

I’ve never had commitment

to catch me.



We forged our friendship in distance

and demoted time

to change only appearance

and leave connections as they were.

Once Upon A Time

Watch for the cracks in the pavement,

Watch for the monsters waiting below.

At midnight they’ll rise from the darkness

and slip through the gaps in the stone.

So watch for the cracks in the pavement

And keep your sword close at hand.

Just because you’re no Prince Charming

Doesn’t mean an escape from this fairy-tale land.

A Little Green Book

You are as easy to read
as my mother’s little green book
the day
it came out of the washing machine
one solid
of gunk.

We dried it out
shelved above the rayburn
but the pages
never held together again
and the cover was lost
to detergent suds and bin bags.

Is that what you expect,
when contemplating outcomes
for maybe just once
letting someone see
a little more than this shell
you’ve carved to replicate
what people think is you?

My Poetry Book

I have settled on a title for my first collection of poetry! *cue fanfare*

Since this is my first attempt at writing a series of poems specifically to publish as a book and not as individual pieces on my blog, I decided that I should try and honour that significance in the title.

So; my first collection of poetry is going to be called ‘This Young Adult’.

I’m taking a few of the poems from my blog and redrafting them for the book, but there will be some new pieces in there as well. Some of the older poems such as Persephone are probably going to look like new poems by the time I’m done with them so I don’t suppose they will really count as the same poem in the end.

I’m planning on having ‘This Young Adult’ ready for purchase by the 1st of July. This may seem like a short time frame, but I’ve been working towards the collection for a while so I should be able to manage.

A lot of the poems will have close links to my own life. I’m planning on including ‘Sister Dearest’ and ‘One Of Those Old Men Who Fear No Man’ in the collection, as well as other poems which are heavily influenced by my family members or my life.

Anyway. For those of you who are interested here is a sneak peek at the sort of redrafts that are in store.


Old Version: 1st Stanza:

Before we met,
Warm summer days,
Were as eternal,
As the life,
Of a goddess,


New Version: 1st Stanza:

You were the warning whispers on mothers’ lips;

the tea and coffee news item

fresh into town.

Hell raiser, troublemaker,

top of Concerned Parent’s Agenda:

August 2013.

My mother referred to you as Winter.

Back To Writing

My writing seems to have taken a turn towards the non-existent recently, so it is about time that I get my act together and try to finish off one of these novels that I have on the go. I’m also going to try and start updating this site each day as I’m hoping that will motivate my writing as a whole. So for today I’m posting my first attempt at writing a Japanese type of fixed formed poetry called a Choka.


chokka 001