Dangerous Sleeper

Have you ever elbowed someone in the throat while you slept? In my defence, I was aiming to elbow an extremely, infuriating housemate in the ribs, it just so happened that I was dreaming and my boyfriend rolled over to see what I was mutter about. (I talk in my sleep.) Hence elbow in the throat and a very, surreal wakeup.

I can’t even claim that this was a one time affair. Both my boyfriend and I are quite active sleepers, rolling over, shifting about and blurting out random comments while we sleep. I wake up to find he’s rolled over and pinned me in my sleep, the other night I got kneed in the but and he’s always informing me of the various punches and elbows that I supposedly sent his way as I tossed and turned in the night. (Somehow sliding half-way down the bed is also a common occurrence with me. It really confuses him.)

I’m not sure what I chatter on about in my sleep, but I’ll leave you with a few snippets that I’ve woken to during the night as my boyfriend dreams on beside me.

Don’t launch the rocket yet. Wait until I’m around the corner.

No. Don’t like Thomas Tank.

You need to put it in second. No, not like that, see you stalled in. ******* twat.

And so ends another random post, curtsey of the Daily Prompt. Tell me, have you every accidentally injured someone in your sleep?

Week Late Valentine’s

My boyfriend and I have just hit the eight month mark, and this year was the first time I was going to get to see Valentine’s Day from within a relationship.

So of course, sod’s law decided to shove it’s size thirteen boots into my life.

Boyfriend pulled something in the back of his knee, (didn’t say how), and I was hobbling about on a dodgy toe. What’s more, the film that I wanted to see only came out in America on the 14th, not the U.K. Hence Valentine’s a week later when the film did come on in the U.K and we could actually go see it.

I argued with online booking, I argued with three pairs of shoes and I forgot to pick up my gloves but we made it to the film! Success.

Despite the online advice that high demand for the film might mean tickets were in short supply the theatre was pretty much empty. There was boyfriend and I, and two other couples. Six of us in total to watch a film in what was the smallest theatre I have ever seen. But it was nice and I don’t really mind missing Valentine’s day. We both enjoyed the film and boyfriend has bought me the book as a Valentine’s present.

As for the film itself; well you really need to read the book by the looks of it. You get the feeling you’re missing a lot of back story, but that would probably be my only qualm. I loved the casting and the take on good versus evil with Will Smith playing a fantastically placid Lucifer. I think some films tend to go overboard with the imagery surrounding the devil by that theological debate is a whole other post which I may do next week if I remember the topic by morning. (I tend to have “oh that will be cool moments” and then forget about them completely after sleep. It’s rather annoying, especially if one of those moments solves a massive plot-hole in my novel and I’m just too tired to pick up a pen.)

I love films that twist halfway through and say “AHA! You thought this was going to happen, you thought me cliche! Well see here Miss Forrester, I shall now completely surprise you. Mwhahahahaha!” *Discrete cough* Hmm, yes, anyway. My point is that I enjoyed the film, am looking forward to reading the book and in a not really there point to the post; Valentine’s Day didn’t sweep me up as much as I thought it would.

I would have liked roses though. I really don’t want the only flowers I ever receive as a Valentines to be from my dad. [When my dad remembers he buys my mum a big bouquet and then a single rose for my sister and I each so everyone in the house has flowers on Valentines. I repeat, when he remembers. This is the household that regularly forgets birthdays, anniversaries and any other memorable occasion or event.]


Island, Forest or Strange Building.

A choice between being stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest or locked in a strange building. Well if I was the kiss-ass crazy self survival girl that I sometimes imagine being then the forest would be a walk in the park. However, in reality I don’t even like going outdoors if I can help it. I don’t mind the odd walk now and again, so long as it is really nice weather and my dog is with me. Read as walking along right beside my leg because I’m paranoid about strangers… and wild animals… most domestically animals as well. I’m not that brave about other living creatures and dead stuff scares me as well so outdoors is pretty much the enemy from the word go. Did I mention I grew up on a farm? Okay, I might be exaggerating things a bit. I will admit that most of the time dead animals creep me out, but if I was starving to death I at least have the theory about catching and skinning rabbits ready for spit-roasting tucked away in my head. If I would actually manage to do it is another matter entirely. The rabbits would probably hide in the undergrowth mocking my pathetic attempts at survival right from the point go so ‘lost in an unknown forest’ would most likely be tantamount to death and I quite like living. It has its amusing moments.

As for the island, I’m allergic to seawater. I have now given up on paddling at the beach since doing so leaves me itching at least for the rest of the day. However! Britain is technically an island. [I have literally just remember that, and I mean England,Wales and Scotland. Ireland is lovely and so are all those little islands floating around the edges of us, but if it isn’t too much trouble to the kidnappers then I’d quite like to be dropped off somewhere near Shropshire. Along the Welsh border if that would be at all possible.] So I’m going to pick island. Just make sure it’s Britain.



Strange building? No. Just No. Way to many variables and too many definitions of strange.