Elements Are Without Mercy By Nature – #DVersePoets #Prosery

The outcrop was low and Emile had to crouch for it to work as a windbreaker. Crouching made her thighs burn, but so did walking, and crouching in a low crag meant she could almost feel her face again.

She unhooked the water-skin from her belt and weighted it in her hand. Tried to judge how much she would need to get her down the the mountain.

More than she had.

She put it back and swallowed her thirst. Ignored the wind stripped skeletons propped against the same crag, one holding onto the withered trunk of a sapling to stunted to reach beyond two foot. She closed her eyes to the wedding bands.

These memories were left here with the trees, broken, dead, or dying.

Emile stamped her feet and braced herself.

She was not going to join them.

She’d promised herself more.


I’ve been trying to turn my attention back to my novel Darkened Daughter, and in doing so I’ve been working on some new characters to incorporate to the redraft. Yesterday I played around with Hanson and Raven¬†for the #WeekendWritingPrompt and tonight I’m trying to work out Emile’s story. I might not use any of them in the novel but I’ve found that flash fiction can be really helpful in sounding out characters that might otherwise get lost in a novel.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Upon A Crossroads – #DVerse #Prosery

Anya stared until the black whorls on her arms blurred together.

Then she blinked and they were just as clear as ever.

‘Removing them won’t help,’ said Rowen. He dropped his weight beside her and slung his arms across the back of the park bench. She felt him run his thumb across her shoulder. ‘You can’t change the past Anya.’

She swallowed around the anger rising in her throat. Some days it filled her so full it was as if she would explode and take the whole world with her. Some days that seemed like a good idea.

‘Then what am I meant to do?’

Rowen shrugged.

‘You will learn to love again the stranger who was yourself,’ he said.

Anya’s knuckles whitened.

‘And what does that mean?’

He shrugged again.

‘It means we all change kiddo, accept it and learn to love it.’


Written for DVersePoets Prosery prompt. 144 word flash fiction story, incorporating the line ‘You will learn to love again the stranger who was yourself’ by poet Derek Walcott.

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