Tonight Beasts Broke Loose #DVersePoets

Tonight beasts broke loose

and rose up roaring,

their bright comet backs

bleeding light from spectating stars

trembling between each other,

thankful for the distance.

Close at hand we drew curtains,

played peekaboo

with things we’d thought buried.

Only real if we see them.



Not All The Glitters Is Gold #DVersePoets

A moment stretched is still a moment.

Curled into the afterglow we looked relaxed,

yet I felt your hands clawed in the fabric,

prepared to tear the seconds from an hour,

as if they might be worth more alone

than part of a whole.


Set Course #DVersePoets #Quadrille

Always just sort of truly set

these ways wobble wonderfully,

or is it woefully?

Uncertain if they’re certain

about the shape

of the course

decided upon,

waited upon,

debated upon.

This is what has been done.

So far…

for now…

Not quite as pictured.


A very quick poem before I head to bed tonight. It was my first night back on the judo mat, so I’ve only just got home, but I didn’t want to miss the Quadrille night. Can’t wait to read the others tomorrow.

(P.S, I almost think this might count as a political poem… huh… not really done one of those before.)

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Hysterical Authority – #DVersePoets #QuadrilleNight

If I spoke with hysterical authority,

held firm with fragile voice,

shattered the glass of your skull

screeching banshee screams

despite nothing really being dead,

would you change.

Could my voice be enough

to show you the fragmented reflection

your kind has made me.