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Moments Of Magic

The memory has lost some of its sharpness, like a photo with dog-eared corners and thumb worn edges rediscovered from somewhere forgotten and old. But I can still feel the scratch on my palms of chunky stone walls marching onward towards the shore where the sea swam darkening around the ruins of an ancient fort. While the sun sunk beneath the waves and I squinted for a sight of Ireland on the horizon, and the sky turned red and orange and pink and… green. A single streak of emerald, old news to the locals, but pure magic to me. Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Vivid    

My Family Ring

There are numerous items in my room which have some special meaning, or a story to go with them. Picking one to talk about is not an easy challenge, and at eighteen, my lifespan hasn’t yet reached a point where my belongings have been around me for any great length of time. So I’ll have to write this post about the ring that has found it’s way to me from the Scottish branch of my family. As far as my family goes, we’re a strange bunch. My mother’s relatives claim that we can trace the family back to the doomsday book and the Battle of Hastings, where out ancestor, William Swinnerton came over as one of William the Conqueror’s knights. It’s a pretty diluted claim, but still one that has somehow survived. My father’s side has less respectable claims about our history. Apparently, my grandfather on this side of the family would reply to questions about heritage with the answer of, “descended for sheep thieves and cattle rustlers.” That is supposed to be the Forrester …