Within The Shadows Monsters Lie In Wait

When he moved the shadows moved with him, clinging to his features like a second skin beneath the hood of his jacket. She watched him crouch in front of her, lips parted slightly as he tucked two fingertips beneath her chin and tilted her face up to look at him.

She scowled. Her left eye was a swollen mess and her bottom lip was busted and twice it’s normal size. There was blood on the side of her face, dried and cracking every time she swallowed.

Still he kissed her.

She bit back, catching his lip beneath her teeth. She tasted blood, not her own this time, his.

He jerked away and she saw something moving. Her balance shifted and she was going sideways, falling. Her ears rang, an open palm against her cheek, skin. She felt her skin sing, reddening into a print of his fingers.

‘I thought you cared for me?’ he growled. He wiped his sleeve across his mouth, the fabric vanishing into the shadows.

Inside her skull she could still feel the world ringing but she recognised that voice.

‘I thought you might even love me.’ He drew his fingers over her jaw, the edge of his jacket damp. ‘Now I see you’re just like the rest of your kind.’


A short, quick free write to play around with the daily prompt for today: Shadows.

This week I managed to hit the 60,000 word mark with my redraft of my novel but in the last couple of days my writing has stalled a little so I thought I’d play around with some prompts to see if I can kick start some inspiration.

I think I might make Friday’s my day for posting quick pieces of free writing here on the site. I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of schedule for the blog.

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