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Summer Ashes

The sun has turned most of the garden crisp, stems crunching to dust between fingers when I dig in between the leaves. Still, the lavender stands as it should, scent sticky on my skin, determined to be carried home into the house. Its flowers haven’t faded yet. It doesn’t seem to bow to heat the same. But between the lemon tree and dahlia, the herbs have taken refuge in the shadows of a water butt. There the decking still burns my feet by afternoon and moisture only lingers a little while upon the soil before vanishing. One by one they will succumb, no matter how often I tend them. Eventually night falls across this place and time, soaked in the day’s heat. Still this garden will shiver, weeping for the storms not come.

New Year

I thought I’d see in the new year with a couple of Tanka and a few Haikus: Haikus 1. These years pass quicker than the ones I remember dimmed in memory. 2. I resolve to write more, better, with passion just like every year. 3. I have failed some goals yet exceeded in some ways my expectations. 4. Approaching New Year… I’ve high hopes for you and me, not resolutions. Tankas 1. Here, it is raining heavy against the window. Close your eyes, listen. This sound does not change with time, this year, last and next… constant. 2. This year brought changes, graduation, moving out, engagement and mortgage plans. This year I have dived straight in. You, have kept me on my feet.


Fall in with me here, these lines will not march themselves. Why are you waiting? Stay and we will go without, leave you the dust of our wake. No idea what’s going on with my poetry recently.

Jisei – Japanese Death Poems

In ancient Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures, a practice was used at the time of death to capture the last words spoken. This practice was called jisei (in Japan) or death poem Written below are my entries for DVersePoets’ most recent prompt. Written By Grace from Bodhirose’s Blog, the challenge is to write a haiku or tanka in the theme of Jisei. Check out her fantastic post about them on the DVerse Poet’s Pub here! ——————– Jisei – A Tanka You can fall further than your heart would have believed into your own mind. It eats you alive this thing, mind, body and soul, all gone. Jesei – A Haiku In part it’s for you, all these words scattered around, they will outlast me.