#NaPoWriMo – Day Nineteen – Brew Balistic

I am very good at sweating the small thing,
like watermarks on a kitchen counter
that are really tea stains
from what must have been the teabag chucking Olympics
because the kettle is the other end of the room,
as are the mug, and the tea caddies,
and oh yes, the sugar!
In fact the milk is the only thing not that end,
unless you were the one doing the brews
in which case the milk is also that end
because heavens forbid it should live in the fridge
where it might just survive to its use-by
instead of souring like my expression
whenever I come downstairs to find dishwasher
but no space to move for dirty plates, cups, bowls,
all stacked smallest to largest
in cracked crockery Jenga challenge number sixty,
guess it’s time to see what’s on sale
in the supermarket kitchen department.

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Kettle Meltdown and Writing Boom

The Kettle

So this was how my day started, which really should have been a warning about how the rest of it was going to unfold. I’ve spent my work hours trying to fix problems while new ones kept popping up to do the cha-cha across my desk, mocking me as I hurried out to run errands.

I survived though! And now I’m sat at home ready to do yet more work! Yay!

Darkened Daughter is still ploughing ahead, last night I managed a 3,000 word chapter in just over an hour. I even fitted in writing a poem, and today I might have come up with a short story idea. Writing is going well.

Over the past couple of days this blog has even seen a spike in stats, which is impressive as it has sorted fallen to the wayside as Darkened Daughter pushed on past. 3,000 words a night doesn’t leave much time for blogging… or housework for that matter. My apologies to the patient pile of ironing still sat in the living room, I will get around to you eventually.

The big news however, has to be the relaunch of Headquarters. What’s on this site will stay, but all those short, little diddely bits will be expanded upon and reposted, [to a regular schedule] on a new blog specifically set up to host the storyline. So to all my readers, you are most cordially invited to the on-line, launch party of Headquarters!

No need to bring wine, just a 500 word flash fiction of your Headquarters agent. The favourite five will be posts on an ‘Employee Of The Month’ page for all of time and for any visitors of Headquarters to take a look at. A short bio of each writer and a link to their blog will be included as well.

The Deadline for this challenge will be 3.00pm GMT on November 1st 2015. The site will go live at 11pm October 31st so make sure you’re ready to post up your flash!



NaNoWriMo And A New Mug


It’s only two days until NaNoWriMo starts and once again I’ve decided to ignore the fact that life is crazy, hectic and more than a little stressful and still sign myself up to write 50,000 words in one month. WHY PEOPLE! WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

On the plus side of things I have a cool new mug to add to my mug collection.