Tomorrow #DVersePoetics

Tomorrow has taken to pressing up against the windows,

fingers splayed on the glazing,

eyes big like old iron lamps

swinging in the wind

this way, then that.


Where can you hide

in this glass house of yours,

with the statues you carved

out of all the words swallowed instead of spoken

and choked up behind closed doors,

with tomorrow still pressed up against the windows.


And what do you say

to the policeman with the kind eyes

who takes a statement,

writes down eyes like old iron lamps,

and promises that they will look into it

while tomorrow is still pressed up against the windows.


Tonight we’re being asked to think about the days of the week with our poems, and I’ve wandered a little off topic with mine by focusing in on the idea of tomorrow.

While you’re here, I just thought I’d mention that my poetry collection ‘It’s All In The Blood’ is available to buy through and It’s a self-published venture and a project that I’m incredibly proud of. I owe a huge amount of thanks to all of the dVerse Poets who have read and commented on my blog over the last couple of years for encouraging me in my writing, and helping me develop my poetic skills to the point where I could create a collection like this. Taking part in the dVerse prompts has become one of my favourite parts of the week and I’ve met some truly wonderful people. Thank you for everything.