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Your Majesty #TuesdayPoetics

Always pointed in words and pose.   Perfect poise, perfect response, perfect timing.   Held yourself above the rest of us.   My own feet too leaden.   My words dropped like iron anchors through deck and hull. Took the ship down with me.   You reached or so I thought when I grasped for your hand.   You were simply gesturing to the view beyond.  

Stone Seed

I lost the end of myself somewhere near the start, among the scattered sheets of blotting paper sprung up on iron girder stalks. Parchment alliums staked out like skeletons, petals more like teeth,   poems in the stems of them, but no air for the words to breathe.     Between the leaves the stanza’s curled, coppered, golden, burnt and burnished, rhythm rolling hollow in the echos, tongue twisted through the skirmish as syllables clattered in and out silver toothed, thick lipped, broken. Turned over once, then twice, then thrice, poetic promised poured and stolen.