Last Term Of University

Staring at me,

with a black flickered glare

is an essay half done

that I don’t want to finish.

Filled with bullcrap ideas,

half-arse quotations

stagnated thoughts

and mid-sentence endings

I know the lambrini

is not alone in the blame.

Writing, Studying And Attempting To Have A Life Somewhere In Between


I’ve pretty much stopped writing over the last month. Which is bad because I have a poetry reading coming up and so far my ten minute slot is occupied by silence. I am simply not arty enough to pull off ten minutes of silence people! What am I going to do?

The simple answer would be, of course, to write some flipping poetry. Except I’m already supposed to be writing my dissertation… and two research projects… and two 3,000 word essays…and I may also have a couple of posters to finish for final assessments.

I’m pretty much swamped.

I’ve been trying to take some time to myself. Eating out with the boyfriend, watching a little T.V, musing over random lines of poetry while driving in the hopes that something will click… but that’s about it.

My blog has sat gathering dust for almost a month, I realised that I’ve not done a single book review as far as I know, I realised I’ve not read any books front to back for almost three months, and I realised that in five weeks I finish university and I’m supposed to start a grown up life!

Someone find me a bed to crawl under so I can hide.

Anyway. Darkened Daughter is currently sat at around 10,000 words awaiting the 15th of May when my last deadline is finished and I can sweep her into my loving arms once more. I’m intending a flurry of C.V/flash fiction/novel writing for those few weeks. [C.V because I need a job. A proper, grown-up one that will pay for things like rent.]

So! A rough schedule For June! [Because I’m going to be on hiatus then so I can get all this uni work out of the way.]

June 1st: An Unusual Formation [The Expanded Short Story]

June 3rd: Friday Fictioneers

June 8th: Headquarters Update [Central Command]

June 10th: Friday Fictioneers

June 15th: Headquarters Update [Safe Haven]

June 17th: Friday Fictioneers

June 22nd: Darkened Daughter Update

June 24th: Friday Fictioneers

June 29th: Book Review

So this is my attempt to structure for June so that I don’t flounder when it comes back to blogging regularly.