A Pygmalion Girl #WeekendWritingPrompt

Why do that to yourself?

Play around with perfection,

even if it was only skin deep,

and the smoothness of these curves

turned your stomach at night,

when dusk settles its hands

either side of your hips,

presses into the grooves

where his tools worked you

into beauty.

Mounted you his sculpture

for all men to see.

Do you not appreciate how

his love made you

into a woman worth seeing?

Blood Always Comes With Birth #WeekendWritingPrompt

How even when we whispered it

there was someone shushing

our small mouths

with calloused fingers.

Pressing the words back inside

as if they were Ouranos

horror struck but what we birthed

in those terrible, unspeakable words.

Filling our bellies

with ideas we were not allowed

to give life to.

Until we burst from the ineffable

and held it screaming

before their faces.

Made them look

at what we’d made.



Hysterical Authority – #DVersePoets #QuadrilleNight

If I spoke with hysterical authority,

held firm with fragile voice,

shattered the glass of your skull

screeching banshee screams

despite nothing really being dead,

would you change.

Could my voice be enough

to show you the fragmented reflection

your kind has made me.


Burning #Poem

Found fuel in my anger

and burnt

like a star.

Bright but bitter.



it was beautiful,

to be cloaked

in fire.


A phoenix

for you to pluck

over and over

until ash,

then flame,

over and over


and again.


Until I ran out,

grew volatile,

beyond control.

Singed you,

a little.


Realised fear,

on your face

when I broke past

your expectations.


Learnt burning

eats you,

from the inside


Word of the Day: FireĀ