Before The Test

Visdare 05.03.2014

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“She’s going to be late.” Geoffrey warned, feet shoulder width apart as we stood on the airfield and watched Mary scream her way down the landing strip. Shoes up on the handlebars we could see her grin even from where we were, stretched across her cheeks as her voice carried past us.

“Leave her be.” I said. “Remember how nervous you were for your test.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Geoffrey said, eyes fixed on Mary. “I was calm and collected, going over the last of my preparations.”

“You were practically in the foetal position.” I snorted. “Bernie had to almost carry you out to the plane.”

“You’re mistaken. I’m certain nothing of the sort took place.”

Mary skidded to a halt and turned the bike around.

“You were a mess.” I grinned. “Anyway, we both know what Mary’s like. That girl was born to fly.”


The Bears

It took us a while to get use to the bears. I mean really, one can hardly expect for such a creature to approach you in the street and start commenting on how dreary the weather is for this time of year.
Except that was exactly what happened and it almost cost me my bus as I stood there spluttering for a response. Sunshine in November, dreary my foot!
I was lost for words if you’ll believe it. Well I don’t suppose it matters if you do or you don’t, talking bears or loss of words. However I assure you that this is the god’s honest truth, or at least my honest truth since I don’t even know if you believe in a god or not.

I suppose you’ll have some sort of preference. I rather like Minerva, never mind if I believe in the Roman deity. But she does have a certain feminist pull, and I never can resist a strong woman in myth or history. They always demand attention and perhaps a little envy, no matter if they hold the same view or not, it’s the speaking out that catches me.
But back to this bear since I’m not here to discuss religion or philosophy. However I do know a grizzly who holds a PhD in both, though he is somewhat of a crank. Conversations tends to lean towards the more impressive side of social interactions, but even then, he can be impossible to talk to at times. I have never heard so many riddles as can be fitted in over tea and biscuits with Herodotus. I’m telling you, when it comes to some of these bears you’d almost think tha— 
Oh of course, the bear at the bus stop, I haven’t finished that story yet!
Well you have to understand, I’d never met a talking bear, or any sort of bear really. Yet there was one at the bus stop; perfectly melancholy over the weather.
So I told him, as polite as you like. 
"Well I’m not sure what you expected. This is England, two more degrees and we could claim summer had arrived early!"


Among Roses

We walked among roses and he spoke of Paris,

of Florence and Venice,

of worlds we would travel.

We walked among roses

until thorns turned to claws

and flowers were beautiful no more.


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