September Speculative Fiction Prompt

Earlier this year a new speculative fiction prompt was kicked of by D Wallace Peach on her sight Myths Of The Mirror. Unfortunately she had to set this fantastic prompt aside due to personal matters after only a few months, despite the fantastic success and take up that it was met with.

After asking for her blessing, I decided that I would pick up where she left off and host the prompt here on Writing and Works. It will follow much the same format, publishing on the 1st of each month, using imagery from Pixabay, and focusing on the speculative fiction genre.

Speculative Fiction: a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements

Oxford Dictionary

Our September image is the one directly below.

For any visually impaired writers, it is a black and white image showing a young woman with a septum piercing, wearing a scarf or hood which casts her face into shadow.

Post your response to your site and then add a link the to link up above. There are no word limits or style requirements. Short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and extracts from longer works are all welcome.

Please keep it PG however as this is open to anyone who wishes to take part and I’d like to think that we will all do our best to read each other’s contributions.

I will do my best to get round everyone and leave comments. Remember, if there is particular feedback you are looking for then you can mention this in your post.

So, those are the details out of the way, the only thing to do is to hand this off to you. Have fun and happy writing.