Lingering Day

On days like these, I used the playhouse as a stepping stone, to clamber atop the shed and watch the sun set, heat still suffused in the metal beneath my hands. There is a part of me that still wants to creep outside as the sun smudges ocher across the sky. Cocooned in blankets, I can wait until the colours leak from the world completely, leaving only the darkness behind my eyelids as a comparison to prove that the day is not yet fully gone. Is is strange to feel like their is more breath in evenings than any other hour?

Tonight I watched the sky creep closer to night in the haze of my bedroom. Curtains pulled tight against the light while I burrow deeper beneath the blankets that offer no warmth. The cold in my bones is no fault of any sunset, but still I pray for it to hurry. To let me lose myself in shadows and sleep. My springs have frozen too hard for the evening to thaw them.

Summer moves closer

with its three step shuffle jive,

taunting me with light.


 I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently and today my voice made it known that it was on its way out. After a day of croaking at work and feeling something akin to death warmed over I came home, wrote my NaPoWriMo poem for the day and went to sleep. Now, because my body clearly hates me, I’m wide awake and feeling relatively icky again so I thought I might as well be productive. Hence the haibun. Which means I’ve been productive so I’m going to try and go back to sleep.

Oh, I’m in such a grump tonight. My apologies to everyone.


  1. Ah! You can’t beat talent 😊. Even when you’re down- your muse still manages to paint us a picture…of how you really feel. Perfect. And get better soon!💙❤


  2. I enjoyed your story. I could see you climbing on the roof to watch the sunset. Loved the haiku where the sun dances into darkens and Summer comes with a jive!


  3. Get well soon, Carol! Don’t worry about grumpiness – it’s your voice and your health that count.
    I love the nostalgia in your opening lines and the tangibility of’heat still suffused in the metal beneath my hands’. The phrase ‘sun smudges ocher across the sky’ is so vivid, as is ‘colours leak from the world completely, leaving only the darkness behind my eyelids’. And the final line of the second paragraph and the haiku are stunning!


      1. You just need to post three quotes for three consecutive days and also mention why that particular quote appeals to you. That’s it! I will nominate you if you are willing to do the challenge, because I love the way you write. No pressure though.💜


  4. Ohhhh.. hoping you feel better by now…I am very late to the reading. Apologies.
    I do love that ochre smudge and the three-step shuffle jive!


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