Paperchain Woman – A Poem By Carol J Forrester

Poor girl, homestuck on chapel steps,
pin-plucked and nip-tucked
into her paper figure.
They read yesterday’s news
in the ink across her collar bone.
Her classified crowded slippers blister
red blotches panting ‘we’ll be in touch’.
So she tips between pavement cracks
split seams and spills out sand,
has to scour her hours from the floor.
Cello tape smile caught on a crinkle
till the man with a nail for a tongue
hammers her a better one.
He mistakes her legs for screwdrivers,
tries to put them back in their box,
then pets her like a bitch when she bites,
and asks if she’s learnt to beg,
just another mass produced misogynist
with his windup voice box
explaining to her what she should expect.


  1. You’ve captured the trauma and abuse. This one certainly stands out from the nonsense poetry. Evil controls and destroys, not only in the darkest fairy tales.


  2. A punch to the groin, and a severe shaking of the prompt. Superb Dramedy, and I liked “just another mass-produced misogynist with his wind-up voice box”.


  3. Wow! Just WOW! This certainly goes to the darker side…perhaps of domestic abuse? Some type of abuse for sure….gritty and gut punching. Sometimes, without our expecting it, the must takes us there.


    1. I wasn’t thinking necessarily of abuse, but more those daily micro aggressions that women can face which end up impacting how we see ourselves and the world around us. Gritty and gut punching was certainly what I was after however.


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