Static Begins A Storm – #Poem By Carol J Forrester

This trail of fingerprints is simply browsing.
Palm pressed to the hollow of your spine
before you step out of the moment,
leave this touch behind you in that second
where electric ran your length
and cracked between your ribs
as something begins burning. 

I’ve combined by love of sketching and poetry to make some poem postcards for ‘The Muse Spits Blood’. They turned out rather nicely, so I think I might have to make some more postcards for the other quadrilles I have written over the past few years.


    1. Thank you Rob. The quadrilles are such a good jumping off point in the middle of a poetry drought, so I keep coming back to them. I’m so grateful that so many of you keep coming to read my little pieces.


      1. Oh dear. I just meant that it was filled with sensations and details that were very impressively done. I guess I should have said it that way. Anyway, great piece!


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