Once Upon A Twist #DVerseQuadrille

One sip

to poison a prince,

his teeth sunk

into forbidden fruit,

while one-true-love stands



the perfect good girl

all fairy-tales and smiles,


Drinks her own potion,

steps free

of skin

crafted from paperbound

volumes brittle with age.






  1. Oh… sounds like a different kind of Romeo and Juliet! A passionate death for both chosen only by one! Loved the poison crafted from old dusty poison books!


  2. It feels like there could be more than one interpretation. I do know that I saw a great image at the end of a princess finally freed from the pages of old fairy-tale books. I like that twist for sure.


  3. You’ve twisted the fairy tale good and proper, Carol, with a dark sip! I particularly enjoyed the lines:
    ‘steps free
    of skin
    crafted from paperbound
    volumes brittle with age.’


  4. “steps free
    of skin
    crafted from paperbound
    volumes brittle with age,”

    This is such a strong and powerful write! ❤️ Do we ever really know someone? I wonder.


      1. An experiential/existential psychotherapy technique, emphasizes learning how to be engaged and actively living in the moment, the theory has somewhat vaguely transubstantiated itself in recent years to the concept of “mindfulness.” Therapist often set up “safe experiments” with their clients to help them in feeling the form or “Gestalt” of their experiences in order to help them in finding a meaningful framework for those experiences… Sometimes it may involve screaming.


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