Turn To Stone #DVersePoets #TuesdayPoetics

I gathered the stones myself,

stacked them before you

like a temple offering,

my skin the sacrifice

as I bared it inch by inch

and asked for a blessing

you denied me

until the pile was fragments

and my flesh peppered

with your approval.




  1. Turn to Stone……the prompt lies in the title and is carried through under very dire circumstances in the poem — if I’m reading it correctly. The stones piled in offering….a blessing denied…..and then “my flesh peppered with your approval.” Is s/he stoned in the end and that body, now bruised from the stones, is one the pleaed-to individual can subjugate and accept? A very dark ending………so very well written.
    And if I’ve interpreted far astray from your meaning…apologies…but then I’ve always thought that the mark of a good writer who can make the reader have a visceral response…as in filling in the story in this case.


      1. Ooh, you’ve made my evening! I read so many poems where I haven’t got a clue what the poet is on about except trying to look clever, it’s nice to read a poem of a less than hitting-you- between-the-eyes-with-a-poleaxe evidence that repays careful reading.


          1. It used to make me feel lacking or stupid, but on the whole I think I’m intelligent enough to read poetry and understand it…if there’s anything to understand.


              1. A lot of the stuff in poetry journals, experimental or ‘utterly mindblowing’ type stuff, just doesn’t make sense. It might ramble all over the page and have random capitalised words or big gaps between them, but it still doesn’t make sense. It’s tiring.


  2. When I think of the fate of women under the heel of Islam, I shake with fury. Me too, indeed “punished for just being a woman”. But sadly we live in the Land of Blame, where civil rights and feminist causes makes being male and white less than admirable.


    1. Stoning also appears in the bible, and Islam itself is not necessarily the issue, just some interpretations. Just as some interpretations of Christianity can be harmful. If you read the bible women get a tough deal pretty much the whole way through.


  3. I see you went with the quadrille too, Carol, and yours has stoned me into wakefulness this rainy morning. We women provide the ammunition without realising and men seem quite happy to punish us for something over which we have no control. I blame it on religion, historically the male domain.


  4. A dark telling, of an ethos that, sadly, remains unchanged. Visceral and real, with such a contrast between the yearning tone of the narrator and the utter, apathetic silence of the one whom the narrator addresses. Chilling and heartbreaking!


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