Hysterical Authority – #DVersePoets #QuadrilleNight

If I spoke with hysterical authority,

held firm with fragile voice,

shattered the glass of your skull

screeching banshee screams

despite nothing really being dead,

would you change.

Could my voice be enough

to show you the fragmented reflection

your kind has made me.



  1. Oh, I can hear those “banshee screams” Carol. Sometimes it feels like we are screaming into a void, with only echoes in response. I felt this, deeply.

  2. That’s such a powerful oxymoron, Carol, ‘hysterical authority’, especially when juxtaposed with ‘fragile voice’. I’m not sure if voice is ever enough.

  3. Away with that kind, I say. A pox on them for leaving us as fragmented reflections! No doubt they will not hear.

  4. If you raise your voice will others listen, will they open their eyes to the changing world. I fear they will not but hope your voice will make them squirm.

  5. Oh I like the contrasts and variety of voices that you use here. I feel the desperation of not being heard. Even worse..not being felt or understood. Fear builds walls.

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