Honeysuckle Wife #DVersePoetics

Cut me off at the ankles or so you said,

stood astride my stump, saw grinned.

‘Not so pretty now are we’

either of us.


Spent the winter finding my roots,

you brought on your hot house girls

throwing out the deadheads

before they even had chance to wilt.


Spring freshened up all that toughening

from too many years the same.

Found new shoots moving upwards,

more bend, less bark to my bite.


Summer and I redecorated it all,

cloaked myself in colour,

announced my presence, my survival.

Dared you to try cutting me down again.




    1. I had so much fun writing it, so thank you Sarah. I think this might be one of my better poems so I might take it down after a couple of days and work on it a bit more to maybe send out to a journal or two.


  1. love how as the seasons changed she grew courage and stood up for herself, you used the flowers to describe each scene so brilliantly


  2. That’s my honeysuckle in your poem, Carol! I can see her wild hair waving in the breeze, right outside my window, defiant with her green leaves, wrangling with the thorny climbing rose. This is my favourite poem. I’m going to print it out and pin it on the wall. I love the personification not only of the plant but also the saw – I can see it grinning! It’s true, when you cut back honeysuckle it looks straggly and not so pretty. I also enjoyed the lines:
    ‘you brought on your hot house girls’
    ‘more bend, less bark to my bite’.
    We’re so lucky with our honeysuckle, as it blooms twice, once in spring and again in the summer.


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